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Last year  on the ATC Facebook Page, I posted a link to a tutorial on diy knotted flip flops.  That tutorial caught my eye because it reminds me of my Steve Madden flip flops that I l-o-v-e:


But in my busy-ness I never got around to actually doing the project and forgot about it.  That is, until a FB page follower asked me to repost that tutorial, which I did this morning.  And that’s when I remembered how much I loved that tutorial so I raced down to Walmart and picked up a pair of cheap flip-flops.


I already had some scraps of fabric to use so this project cost me a whopping $2.50!  You can see the original tutorial over at The Mother Huddle or you can following along with my version below.

You will need:

  • 1 pair of cheap flip flops, something you can cut the straps out of and not feel guilty
  • 4 strips of thin fabric, preferably something silky like polyester.  Cut the fabric into 4 strips that measure 24”x4.5”
  • Some craft or kitchen scissors


The first thing you have to do is clip off the “plugs” on the bottom of the shoe, the part that holds the strap onto the shoe.  Just push the straps down and the “plug” will pop through the bottom.  Snip-Snip!


So now you’re left with strapless flip-flops.  You may proceed.


Cut each end of each strip of fabric to a point. This will make it easier to thread the fabric through the holes.

Take two strips of fabric, line up the point ends, and push the point ends through the top hole (the one nearest the toe").  Push it through till there is about 3-5 inches of fabric coming through the bottom of the shoe.


Tie a knot on the bottoms of the shoe by separating the 2 strips of fabric and tying a knot as close to the hole as you can but also keeping the tails as short as you can.  In the picture above, my tails are too long, I should have made them shorter.  Tie a basic ole double knot, making sure it is tight.  Then snip off the tails.


Flip your flip-flop over so you are looking at the top.  You should have two strips of fabric coming up through the hole.  Keeping those strips together, tie another knot about 1 inch from the shoe. The 1” surplus is what will go in between your big toe and the knot will keep it in place.  I put it on my foot, then measured where the knot would go, tying off the knot with the shoe still on my foot.  It just made more sense to me that way instead of trying to guess.  You can add a second knot just above the first knot, if you choose.  That’s how The Mother Huddle did hers, I only did one knot because my fabric was textured and a little bulky.



Next separate your strips so that there is a right and a left.  Cram the right strap down into the right hole so that it pops out underneath.  Do the same for the left.



Once again knot the fabric so that it will stay secure, snipping off the ends when you’re done.  I put mine on my feet and measured, just the same as before.  You want the knots to be snug because fabric will stretch over time and you don’t want loose flip-flops.  You will probably have to do some adjusting, untying the knots, retying, tightening, etc. until they are just the way you want them.  Once you have them perfectly snug, snip off the ends and you are DONE!


The whole project took about 30 minutes and I couldn’t be happier.  They are comfy, they were cheap and I can make many, many more versions.  All I have to do is switch out the fabric.

If you so desire, you can use smaller strips of fabric, you can finish the edges (I left my edges raw) or you can experiment with different fabrics, ribbon, rope, etc.  The Mother Huddle also shows a version with tie-backs on the heels.  You could even add embellishments like a flower or shoe clip.  It’s up to you!!

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