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Another Christmas has passed, I hope yours was as great as mine.  With the exception of all of my step-siblings missing out on Christmas Day because they were either sick or working, it was a whole weekend of celebrating with friends and family.

I wanted so badly to share this year’s Christmas projects but it would have spoiled the surprise for a lot of the recipients so it had to wait.  So this week I will share my little projects with you, starting today with this one:


Some of you will recall me mentioning Older & Wisors 31 Ways to Wrap Your Crap and this tag idea she featured. As soon as I saw it I knew which picture I wanted to use:


This is my dad dressed up like Santa Claus, circa 2006ish.  Who better to put on your tags than Santa?!  And since I already had the photo, it was FREE.  I like free.


I resized the photo and printed multiples out onto white cardstock.  The white cardstock cost me a couple of bucks for the entire pack because I found a small pack at Michael’s on sale.  I think I used 3 sheets of the cardstock so the cost for this project was pennies.


I bought this tag die cut at Michael’s right after Thanksgiving with a 50% off coupon, I think it cost me about $7 and I will get so much use out of it.  Using the die cut I punched out the tags and attached them to the gifts with ribbon.


It took people a few minutes to recognize the photo but once they actually did they were cracking up laughing, especially my dad.  A few people even saved it after they opened their gift.  I thought it was as special memory and a nostalgic way to celebrate yet another year of giving.

So there was Project #1!  Using my Michael’s coupons wisely I was able to recreate this project for less than $10 and have cardstock and the die cut to use for future projects.  Stay tuned for the rest!
























I have always been a little fascinated with bonsai trees, maybe it's the farm-girl in me that just loves trees. But they are usually in the "asian" style, which is pretty, but not my style. So when I saw these California-Redwood-Esque bonsai trees I swooned. I did, I swooned. This would be so beautiful on a kitchen table or as a gift.

And if a more traditional bonsai is what you wish, they have those too: http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/bonsai-specimen-gardens

I have been drooling over this little item from Anthropologie...

And then Christmas came and I got not one but TWO!  One from my sister Natalie & one of my best-ies Lucy...er...Bree. Here is one of them...

I just love how... Anthro & Frenchie they are and you know you can never find a clever place to put the utensils at a party and I just can't wait to use them.

As I was sitting there, being thankful for the gifts, gazing at their loveliness, it occurred to me that there was another use for my merry-go-rounds.....

I am always fighting with my extensive collection of pens & colored pencils.  I love having them.  But I don't like leaving them out because they just look sloppy.  But then it's harder to use them.  Problem solved!!  I love how.... put together... they are now and they are out where I can easily grab them.  Ahhhhh.... .satisfaction!