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We all have them, those embarrassing little treats or actions that bring us a sinister amount of joy and we don’t want most people to know about it because sometimes it’s something so humiliating that even our best friend may not  know about it.  Now I’m not talking about anything illegal or immoral… just simple little “you know better” rituals that you don’t go around broadcasting for fear someone might think less of you.

Case in point:  hot chocolate.  Now, in and of itself hot chocolate is not so bad, it’s mostly milk, which can be lowfat or nonfat and made with sugar substitute and we all know a little chocolate is good for us so overall, not such a bad treat.  However, for me hot chocolate is merely the vehicle by which I allow myself to consume ridiculous amounts of whipped cream.  Hot chocolate is just a lame excuse I use to fill a rather large mug only about 1/2 way up with the hot chocolate and the other half with whipped cream.  Guilty.

I’ve heard other women talk about a particular TV guilty pleasure:


I have never watched a full episode of ANY of the Real Housewives series.  I do not understand the appeal of a bunch of spoiled, rude, snobby women and just watching the commercials makes me angry.  But before you think I’m being self-righteous about it all I will reveal to you one of my TV guilty pleasures, and this one is really embarrassing….


It is all my friend-who-shall-remain-nameless’ fault for getting me hooked on this show and for the record, we do not condone or sympathize with polygamy.  But it is kind of like watching a train wreck:  it’s horrific and makes you cringe but you cannot tear your eyes from it!  I find myself in amazement at the choices we as humans make and the depths to which we will go to justify it.  Crazy, crazy show.  Guilty!

Ok, that was really hard to admit.  I hope you don’t think less of me now.  If you do I think it’s only fair you share your guilty pleasure TV show with the rest of us.  And then we can vote on whose is worse. I’m just kidding…sorta.

The truth is we all have a few guilty pleasures whether it be reality tv, deep fried foods or whatever else you can think of.  And I guess in excess or if they conflict with your morals or health they would not be wise choices but in moderation, as a treat, occasionally indulging in a guilty pleasure can be a great pick-me-up or relaxing way to end the day or just something to look forward to.

I would love to hear some of your guilty pleasures…if you’re not too chicken :)