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(Ooops, I don’t know why this didn’t post yesterday!  Sorry if I threw you off.)


My friend Janna & are self-proclaimed PBS-Nerds.  We call each other every time we hear of a new Masterpiece Theater special or even when an old one is going to air again.   We have had this ritual for just under 20 years.  Here are some of the movies we have enjoyed watching:



Pride and Prejudice- The Firth/Ehle version is THE quintessential Jane Austen adaptation, don’t even get me started about the evils of the Keira Knight version. 


Forsyte Saga- This story follows the aristocratic Forsyte family and all their drama.  It’s a tangled web of money, power & love.  Intriguing!


Downton Abbey- Last winter was the introduction of Downtown Abbey and since they left off on a cliffhanger you knew season 2 was on it’s way.  In January season 2 will begin!  But that leaves you plenty of time to catch up on season 1 if you haven’t see it yet.  I won’t give any of it away, but it’s a good one.

I could name so many more, maybe someday I should start a list of all of them…hmmm…

The problem Janna & I often ran into was that if we forgot to record PBS that night, we would completely miss the movie/series.  And it’s not like the local video rental stores carried obscure PBS series like The Pallisers so we would have to wait a year or two until PBS ran it again.

But thanks to Netflix, we can watch all of the PBS we want and our nerdom is satisfied!  Because Netflix carries just about any movie you can think of, many of the older ones available through instant online streaming, you can catch up on all your favorites or find something new.

I wasn’t trying to become a commercial for Netflix, but I will tell you it has made my life a little happier because I am not an avid theater-goer.  I really don’t enjoy the public movie theater experience:  uncomfortable chairs, noisy kids, people texting during the movie, expensive snacks.  I would much rather be at home, in my sweats, eating delicious cheap food that I have made and watching a movie at my own leisure. 

Netflix allows me to watch what I want, where I want, when I want.  It’s that simple.