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It's Day 2 of this 31 day journey of exploring the simple things in my life that make me smile. Today's simple thing is Art Supplies!!

I'm not going to pretend that this applies to everyone because I know for a fact that some of my sisters would find very little joy out of the box of art supplies that arrived the other day. But I was giddy with glee when I opened up that box and found dozens of Pan Pastels, Liquitex acrylic ink, Ink Tense blocks, a Copic pen, and Shiva Paintsticks.

I have always dabbled in art.  When I was a kid, I took semi-private art lessons for about 6 years, concentrating on pastels.  For those of you who aren't artists, "pastels" usually refers to the small, square, colored chalks.  There are creamier ones and drier ones.  The drier ones were my medium.  I learned a lot, but I didn't continue to use pastels or create much "art" when I got into my teens and early adulthood.  I knew I missed it, but I just couldn't bring myself pull out my pastels.  I was resistant for some strange reason.   And then last year I had an epiphany.  The truth is, I don't like pastels as my primary medium!  Instead, I figured out that  I love-love to use mixed media.  Mixed media can mean a lot of different things but most of the time it refers to using many different art mediums all in one piece of artwork.  And I really enjoy it.  I love to mix acrylic paint and texture medium and stamps and ink and scraps of paper and rub-ons and fabric and string and hot glue and.... basically anything I can manage to glue down to a piece of canvas.

There is something about sitting down to create a piece of art work, whether it's  a canvas that I plan to give away or a page in my art journals that brings me back to center.  It forces  me to slow down, something I am not naturally good at doing.  It also gives me the opportunity to get my hands "in" something, which is why I also love cooking and gardening.  And it gives me the opportunity to express myself, again, not something I'm naturally great at.

So when I get to buy new art supplies.... ohhhhh the smiles!  Some art supplies can be pricey, like those Liquitex Inks above.  But some things are really cheap, like the Ink Tense blocks, also above.  And paper is super cheap.  Canvas is pretty cheap if you keep your eye out for the sales.

Art supplies represent endless possibilities to me.  Simply brilliant!