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I had a very fun but very busy weekend and I thought I'd share a few of the photos with you today.  As I'm sure you can tell from the above photo, I made a little fresh salsa for a party.


I am very particular about my salsa, it must all me hand chopped finely.  It takes a while but it's so worth the extra work.  You can find my formula for salsa at this previous post from 31 Days.  Oh my gosh, 31 Days is coming up again.  I'm starting to panic a little.


The party was this guy's 1st Birthday.  He's my little buddy.  He loved his smash-cake.


He loved it so much he gave it a big hug then laid down on it.  Shortly after, Daddy rolled him and his chair out the backyard and hosed them both down.


The next day I picked approximately 1 lb. of basil from my 4 plants and made 8 cups of pesto.  I'm freezing every bit of pesto I can so we will be able to enjoy homemade pesto dishes for at least part of the winter.


I discovered these Padron peppers at Whole Foods and scooped them up not knowing what I would make of them.


What I made of them was a quick roasted salsa.  I started by blackening & removing their skins.  This process goes so much faster over a gas burner.  I usually do it on a cast iron skillet.  Effective, but much slower.


I also toasted up some cherry tomatoes, garlic and 1 green onion.


Everything went into the blender with a little S&P then whirl-whirl-whirl, yummy salsa!!  On a side note, I hid this salsa from everybody and snacked on it while I prepared other party food.  The lucky few that wandered into the house while I was cooking were able to partake but it was so good I wasn't real keen on sharing.


I also purchased this pile of multi-colored sweet peppers.  There were overflowing from a big wooden box and I picked out the most colorful ones I could find because I'm still eating my colors!.  I was especially drawn in by the light purple ones which tasted the same as all the others but were a tiny bit firmer.


My pile of sweet peppers, along with pencil asparagus and green onions, were grilled up and drizzled with this balsamic sauce from Giada DeLaurentis that I have made over and over.  It's a great way to perk up vegetables and might even make a nice dipping sauce for a hunk of focaccia.

So as you can see  my weekend, like most weekends, was heavily influenced by food.  And it was all good.

The sun continues to shine and my garden continues to grow!  Here's an update on what's happening out in the backyard:  As you can see, the strawberries are getting bigger and more plentiful.  And they are DE-LI-CIOUS!

I have been anxiously watching my tomatoes, hoping they would ripen soon, but also hoping I would get to the first ripe tomato before any bird or gopher could get it's grimy claws (or beak) on it.  For weeks I've had lots of green tomatoes on the vine, but no red.  And then while I was watering today, I pushed aside a big leaf and found this little guy:  my first ripe tomato! It's a Sweet 100 and it was just that!

And speaking of green tomatoes, look how many Roma's are on the vine!  It's very exciting, tomatoes are one of the few foods I crave on a regular basis.

Everyday I water my eggplants and everyday I wonder, "When are those blossoms going to drop?"  So I reached down to feel the big flower you see in the front and I discovered a little baby eggplant growing inside!  I was so happy, I named him Bert.

And then I realized I had a 2nd  "blossom" that also had eggplant fruit growing.  I call him Ernie.

But there was one more!  A little one that was hidden behind the leaves.  I shall call him Kermit.  I spend way too much time out in the sun.

These are my little green eggplants, when they are ready to pick they will be just over 2 inches.  Just about there!  There are too many of them to name.

The Mystery Peppers continue to grow and I am so curious as to what they will taste like.  It's kind of like getting the mystery box on Chopped.

There is no longer just one bell pepper, there are many!  I used to wonder why they had such weird shapes and now I can see the reason.  When they grow, they get lodged in between the stalks, causing them to have weird indentations and lumps.  It won't affect the flavor, though!

I lopped off the basil last week and it's already grown back.  I will have to do another Basil Harvest soon!

My succulent garden is still surprising me.  I found blossoms all over most of my plants last week and this week I found this... stalk... growing out of the Happy hens-n-chicks succulent.  I think it might bloom... or it is an alien coming to take over the planet?  If so, I hope it kills snails.

Lots of food growing out there, next week should bring a mini-harvest!!