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Today I had my first harvest of mini eggplants!  Can you call 4 tiny eggplants a harvest?  Oh well, I'm going with it.  Those two purple eggplants are the infamous Bert & Ernie.  Kermit is still safe on the plant, growing a little more.  The other two are mini green eggplants whose variety ironically is named... Kermit.

One of the challenges in the garden this year was that I have never grown eggplant, full size or mini, before so I wasn't sure when to pick it.  I looked up a few articles on the internet and they all said to be sure to pick them before too many seeds form inside.  Inside?  How am I supposed to know how many seeds are inside until I pick it and cut it open?!

So I guessed and know I know that the purples ones were just the right size.  The little green ones were slightly overgrown, too many seeds.  Next time I will know better.

Bert and Ernie did not go down easily.  It turns out some of the purple eggplants have thorns on them.  After suffering a couple of puncture wounds I wrangled them into the kitchen and sliced them up along with the mini green ones and tossed them in olive oil, salt & pepper.

I let them get some good grill marks and grilled off some pencil asparagus I had picked up at Whole Foods.  I added that to some rigatoni, basil & garlic chicken sausage, freshly picked basil, fresh grated Parmesan and homemade pesto I had saved in the freezer.

It was a very satisfying and tasty Sunday dinner!

I think next week will finally yield my first red Roma tomato!!

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Here it is, my first basil crop of the summer!  I rinsed it all off (I still have a few snails...grrr...) and made....

.... pesto!  It made about 6 servings of pesto, which I put into plastic bags...

.... and popped it in the freezer for quick weeknight pasta.  Or pizza.  Or snacks.  Or company.  Or gifts.  You get the point.

I kept one serving out and made penne with roasted asparagus and it was DIVINE!

The moral of the story is:  grow some basil, it's easy and loves the hot summer sun.  Then harvest it often and make pesto so your winter meals will be full of summer sunshine.  The end.

 Your Friday recipe is coming to you a day early, hope you don't mind.  With Easter coming I wanted to dedicate our time together to that.  Back to your regularly scheduled programming next week!

photo courtesy of picky palette

Pesto Chicken Thighs with Italian Creme Sauce Over Parmesan Couscous | Picky Palate

"But I've got couscous!"  Be the first person to name the show that line is from AND who said it...and I will send you a box of my favorite couscous from Near East, seriously!