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First I had to keep it a secret because I didn’t want to spoil the surprises for anyone. Then I had to keep it a secret because I didn’t have time to edit the pics off my camera.  The life of a blogger, sheesh!  This is going to be the world’s longest post, but I don’t want to split it up into 2 or 3 posts so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy as I take you through our evening.

My sisters and I have been talking about doing a Pinterest Party for… forever.  We are all on Pinterest, pinning this and that, following each other’s boards, experimenting, etc.  We wanted to throw a party where everything was inspired by the things we saw on Pinterest: we would cook Pinterest recipes, decorate with Pinterest decor & give gifts of DIY Pinterest.

Finally Natalie pulled the trigger and said, “My house, be there!”  So last Friday night we finally had our Sisters Only Pinterest Party!  I will try to link you to our “pins” that inspired all this merriment.

Natalie & I worked on the decor earlier in the week.  Our goal was to keep the decorations, foods, gifts, etc. fun but still simple & inexpensive.  So we used picture frames we already had and printed out the Pinterest logo (which they so willingly provide on their website) to fill them.  I created a simple “Welcome to our Pinterest Party” sign that sat on the main table along with some pretty PInterest inspired vases that Natalie pinned.




And see all those little “p’s” on the table?  I just used a template from Avery for 1” circle labels then used my 1” circle punch to cut them out.  Instant Pinterest confetti!!  We spread them all over the room.

At each place setting Natalie placed a little card of her favorite Pinterest quotes. 

The food, oh the food!  When you combine 6 girls who love to cook (and eat) you are going to get one crazy good meal.

We started out with appetizers from Adrienne and beverages from Andrea.  The appetizers were bacon wrapped jalapenos with a cream cheese filling. Oh...my...goodness.  I could have eaten the whole plate.  But those other 5 couldn’t keep their hands off of them either, darn it.




Andrea made not one, but two beverages:  a blueberry lemonade and a pear sangria.  Both good to the last drop and I can’t wait for summer so I can enjoy them again and again.





Then there was the main course by Natalie: grilled spice rubbed chicken, veggie couscous and grilled asparagus (which we forgot to serve, oops!).  Really tasty, but also really easy to put together. I don’t have her pins for those, maybe she’ll share later.

Each of us brought a small gift for each of the other sisters, which of course, was inspired by something we had pinned on Pinterest.  My gift was hand dyed ombre tea towels, inspired by this pin:



I hope to share that project with you soon!

Natalie made 3 little presents (cheater): a little bracelet made with embroidery floss, a paint-chip bookmark and lavender salt & sugar scrubs.







Here is a group photo of what the rest of the sisters made:

I’ll try to point them out to you separately…

See the dainty little ric-rac ring and button bobby pins?  Amy made those, inspired by these pins:





The mug was hand stenciled by Andrea, a project I have meaning to do and just never got around to.  Now I don’t have to!  She was inspired by this pin:

Source: designmom.com via Erin on Pinterest



Adrienne created the hot cup cuff with the most amazing fabric! I’m not exactly sure which pin she was inspired by but it might have been this one:



The last gift was from Angela and you might not be able to tell what it is from the photo above.  Just below the mug you will see a pink-ish rectangular item.  Know what that is?  It does this:


Clever, no?  She used this pin for inspiration:




After our little gift exchange, Amy presented her sinfully delicious dessert, which somehow I didn’t get a picture of.  Must have been the food coma.  But I’m pretty sure she pinned it here:

Source: annies-eats.com via Amy on Pinterest


They were sweet, salty, buttery… all the things a dessert should be.

It was a fun night of sharing, gabbing, eating and just being sisters.  We plan to have more Pinterest Parties in the future, this was just the trial run.  But it was so much fun and I look forward to the next one!

Today, I had planned to tell you about a little gathering we had last Friday. It had to do with this photo. And this photo:

But the rest of the photos are still sitting in my camera. And so you have to wait some more. Booooo!!!


***Disclaimer:  If you do not use Pinterest this post is not going to make any sense to you.  So what you should do is stop everything, jump on over to Pinterest and see for yourself how great it is!

A few nights ago I was talking with a friend about Pinterest, because I talk about Pinterest all the time.  Anyway, she told me that she only used Pinterest for “repinning” other people’s “pins”.  I think my reply was something like, “WHAT??!!!”

I use Pinterest as my own personal filing cabinet of all things interesting or intriguing that I find on the internet. It keeps my inspirations organized and tidy so when I’m ready to either write about something, share it on Facebook or start a new project all I have to do is go to my boards and pick it out. It is so, so easy to do so I will give you a short tutorial on how to use the “Pin It” button:

First of all, go to this link on Pinterest.

Depending on which web browser you use, some instructions will pop up on how to either add a “Pin It” button to your toolbar (Safari) or add a bookmarklet to your favorites (Internet Explorer).  There may be instructions for other browsers but those are the two I use.

After you have your “Pin It” button or bookmarklet installed, go to a webpage that has a picture you would like to save to a pin board.

Click on your “Pin It” button (or “Pin It” under your Favorites bookmarks) and a window like this will pop up: 









Basically, all the pinable pics on that webpage are displayed and all you have to do is choose which pic you want to “pin”.  Then another popup box will appear:


This box should look familiar to you so just choose which board you want to pin to, give it a brief description and hit “Pin It”.  That’s it!

So easy, but makes pinning waaaaay more fun and useful.  Hope that all makes sense but if you still need help let me know!









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When you are home for a 4 day weekend you have time to catch up on the important things, like Pinterest.  So here are some of my vacation observations:


Seriously? The cuteness is almost too much for me.

Source: weheartit.com via Carey on Pinterest


Don't be alarmed, Johnny had to have surgery a few weeks ago so the tour and new album has been pushed out to 2012. I'm wondering if the new one will top Continuum. On second thought, I don't think it's possible to top Continuum but I'm really excited about the new album.


I like 'em but I never knew those were called Dutch Doors. Know I know.

Source: etsy.com via Carey on Pinterest


I don't think this would look good on my shape, but I'm thinking someone with a long torso and narrow shoulders would rock it.


Not just pretty, I think this is a brilliant space problem solver, especially in a guest bathroom.


This picture makes me want to burst out singing "Love, you didn't do right by me..." from White Christmas. Classic.

Source: google.ca via Carey on Pinterest


That just flat out made me laugh!

Source: etsy.com via Carey on Pinterest


Ummm... I might need that necklace. It's so unique and would go with so many outfits.

Source: polyvore.com via Carey on Pinterest


I just took my cowboy boots in to get re-stretched so I can replicate this look. I never knew I had thick calves until I tried to buy boots but thankfully, the Shoe Guy on D Street is a miracle worker and very reasonably priced.


As you can see, I got a lot done over the past 4 days. Except the laundry. Or cleaning the bathroom. Or vacuuming. Oops. At least I caught up on my Pinerest!

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My sisters and I were discussing Pinterest yesterday at Amy's baby shower and the fact that some people don't "get" what the big deal is about it and does anybody actually ever do anything with their pins? And we all laughed because WE DO! Here are some examples:
Andrea & others were planning our sister Amy's baby shower and created an inspiration-board on Pinterest.  I can't give it all away, but the shower was loaded with projects swiped off of Pinterest, one of which was this:

Take a look at the fabric banner above the table.  Andrea asked me to take on that project and I came up with this:

OK, I'm not bragging or anything, but I think mine turned out even better than the original "pin"!

Here's another pin that my sister Natalie pinned before nephew-Jake was born:

I used Photoshop to create the "L" and Natalie glued some micro cars to it, put it in a frame and voila!


Pretty darn good, huh?  And cheap!!

I used this design board pin:

..to create this logo:

... which I will be using come October 1st.  More on that later in the week.   Let's see... what else....

I used that pin to create these:

So you see, Pinterest isn't just a time-filler when you are standing in line at the DMV or up late at night.  Pinterest actually makes life easier and a little more fun!  If you haven't joined the Pinterest club yet, just let me know and I'll send you an invite to get you started quicker.  You'll love it!!

Somewhat Simple

I am proud to say I have recruited a bunch of you onto Pinterest! I just love to see what yummy or funny or beautiful things you are pinning onto your boards. You inspire

me! So let's take a look at some of your recent pins that have caught my eye:

My Wonder-Twin Serena pinned this one. I ADORE the tile used for this backsplash.

My friend Ashley, you know, the one who made the adorable tie cookies.... she pinned this gorgeous looking blackberry frozen

yogurt. Mmmmmm!  Ashley,  I think you should make it and I'll be your taste tester.

First off, let me say how much I adore Beckie. She is an inspiration to me and I hope when I grow up I can be half as graceful and beautiful. OK, that said look at this easy

party idea she found!

My step-sister Angela has this beautiful picture on her Garden Dreams board. I just love all the textures and shades.

Deborah pinned this photo with the caption "perfect chair." Uhhhh, yeah, I agree!

Great pins y'all!!  Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what you come up with next.


I pin.  I pin a lot.  Then I talked my sister into pinning and now she pins a lot.  I tempted friends and now they pin.  It's a Pinterest world and I'm just in it.

I don't remember where I first saw it, but one of my favorite bloggers posted a pretty picture on her website and I noticed that in the caption it said "via Pinterest."  Well, my curious self just had to know what that meant, so I clicked on it.

And then my eyes were opened to a brand new world.  A world where people posted thousands of links to pretty things.  They posted links to useful DIY projects.  They posted links to delicious recipes.  And so, so much more.  Let me give you a few examples:

As I clicked and scrolled around the site my brain went on creative overload, so what did I do?  I joined!

To join Pinterest you must request an invitation or get invited personally by someone who is already on Pinterest.  After your request is confirmed you can begin "pinning" pictures of interest, saving them to "boards".  Think of it as an online bulletin board.  When you see something you like, you stick a virtual pin in it to remember it later, that's "pinning".  And you can upload your own inspirations as well, allowing other people to pin them to their own boards.

As if my addiction wasn't bad enough, recently Pinterest added an Iphone App to their repertoire, so now I can "pin" wherever I am: the grocery store, the bank, boring meetings, the bathroo..er... I mean... the gym!


Don't miss out on the fun, come on over and join us at Pinterest! Request an invite at www.pinterest.com or leave me a comment and I can personally send you an invitation to get you started quicker. Pin, baby, pin!!