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photo use by permission from the-baker-chick.com
photo use by permission from the-baker-chick.com

I am all about making things easier.  I like good food, but only on special occasions will I pull out a "fancy" recipe.  And by "fancy" I mean a recipe that calls for more than 8 ingredients and takes two or more pages to explain.  Most days, I cook simple food in the simplest way possible.

Which brings me to these Strawberry & Cream Napoleans from The Baker Chick.

But first, let's talk about The Baker Chick herself.  Her name is Audra and I'm not sure how I stumbled onto her site but wow am I glad that I did! She makes the yummiest food and her site is just darling.  She's a NYC blogger with a passion for baking. You can read more about Audra here.

So back to the napoleans.... I have a serious, intense dislike for those strawberry shortcake "cups" that you find in the supermarket.  You know, the ones that are flat on the bottom, indented on top, dry as a cardboard box and have zero flavor. They should just call them Cardboard-cakes.  Dis-like.

I normally solve this problem one of two ways:  pound cake or angel food cake.  Sometimes I make my own but both can usually be found in the bakery section of my grocery store, right next to the cardboard-shortcakes.  I especially like to get the chocolate pound cake.  Ohhhhh, chocolate pound cake...strawberries...fresh whipped cream... that is good stuff.

But I'm always on the lookout for an update to my good 'ole standbys and I'm certain I've found it in this recipe.

Audra substitutes flakey, crispy puff pastry for the cardboard-cakes, layers it with strawberries and whipped cream then dusts it all with powdered sugar.  Since I'm pretty lazy when it comes to baking, I will use store bought puff pastry, a perfectly fine substitution according to Audra.  I always top my strawberry shortcake with a sprinkle of nutmeg so I'll add that as well.

Is your mouth watering?  Mine is!

Hop on over to the-baker-chick.com to see the full recipe!

We are in the full swing of summer, I hope you are eating fresh and yummy things!

Source: facebook.com via Carey on Pinterest


All I can say is, I'm glad it is nearly 11pm as I am writing this because it's too late for me to run down to the store and buy some puff pastry so I can make these! No lie, my stomach is growling just looking at this photo.

The recipe comes from sprinklebakes.com, the actual recipe is found on her Facebook page and it could not be easier: paint some jam in between 2 sheets of puff pastry, slice, twist, bake, voila! OK, there are a few tiny details in between but you can read about those here.

Wouldn't these go perfectly with a cup of coffee on Sunday morning?