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Every family has their own "culture" and in my family it consists of two main things:  sports and cooking.  We are all athletic and we all cook.  We spend a great deal of time talking about food and pestering Grandma for her secret recipes and cooking up a storm.

Not only do I read cookbooks with voracity, I would choose to watch cooking shows over most movies.  On a lazy Sunday morning I will roll out of bed, brew a cup of espresso, then crawl back into bed and watch a few cooking shows I have saved on the dvr.  Shows like:

Barefoot Contessa- Ina Garten has the most amazing cookbooks.  I really do cook from them all the time, in fact, I have made that apple tart she is making in the photo. Her show is full of inspiration and her house is gor-ge-ous!

Mexico: One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless:  Rick Bayless lived and studied in Mexico for many years before coming back to the States and opening some of the finest upscale, authentic Mexican restaurants in the country.  Watching his show is part cooking-part travel show.

French Food at Home:  Most people don't know of Laura Calder or her show on Cooking Channel, probably because she hails from Canada and her show debuted there.  She teaches about French cuisine and how to incorporate it into everyday life.  She is sophisticated with a side of cheeky.  The food is simple but elegant at the same time.

Keep your Real Housewives of New Jersey, I want to watch cooking shows!  They are simple yet entertaining, at least to a girl who loves to cook.


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