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First I had to keep it a secret because I didn’t want to spoil the surprises for anyone. Then I had to keep it a secret because I didn’t have time to edit the pics off my camera.  The life of a blogger, sheesh!  This is going to be the world’s longest post, but I don’t want to split it up into 2 or 3 posts so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy as I take you through our evening.

My sisters and I have been talking about doing a Pinterest Party for… forever.  We are all on Pinterest, pinning this and that, following each other’s boards, experimenting, etc.  We wanted to throw a party where everything was inspired by the things we saw on Pinterest: we would cook Pinterest recipes, decorate with Pinterest decor & give gifts of DIY Pinterest.

Finally Natalie pulled the trigger and said, “My house, be there!”  So last Friday night we finally had our Sisters Only Pinterest Party!  I will try to link you to our “pins” that inspired all this merriment.

Natalie & I worked on the decor earlier in the week.  Our goal was to keep the decorations, foods, gifts, etc. fun but still simple & inexpensive.  So we used picture frames we already had and printed out the Pinterest logo (which they so willingly provide on their website) to fill them.  I created a simple “Welcome to our Pinterest Party” sign that sat on the main table along with some pretty PInterest inspired vases that Natalie pinned.




And see all those little “p’s” on the table?  I just used a template from Avery for 1” circle labels then used my 1” circle punch to cut them out.  Instant Pinterest confetti!!  We spread them all over the room.

At each place setting Natalie placed a little card of her favorite Pinterest quotes. 

The food, oh the food!  When you combine 6 girls who love to cook (and eat) you are going to get one crazy good meal.

We started out with appetizers from Adrienne and beverages from Andrea.  The appetizers were bacon wrapped jalapenos with a cream cheese filling. Oh...my...goodness.  I could have eaten the whole plate.  But those other 5 couldn’t keep their hands off of them either, darn it.




Andrea made not one, but two beverages:  a blueberry lemonade and a pear sangria.  Both good to the last drop and I can’t wait for summer so I can enjoy them again and again.





Then there was the main course by Natalie: grilled spice rubbed chicken, veggie couscous and grilled asparagus (which we forgot to serve, oops!).  Really tasty, but also really easy to put together. I don’t have her pins for those, maybe she’ll share later.

Each of us brought a small gift for each of the other sisters, which of course, was inspired by something we had pinned on Pinterest.  My gift was hand dyed ombre tea towels, inspired by this pin:



I hope to share that project with you soon!

Natalie made 3 little presents (cheater): a little bracelet made with embroidery floss, a paint-chip bookmark and lavender salt & sugar scrubs.







Here is a group photo of what the rest of the sisters made:

I’ll try to point them out to you separately…

See the dainty little ric-rac ring and button bobby pins?  Amy made those, inspired by these pins:





The mug was hand stenciled by Andrea, a project I have meaning to do and just never got around to.  Now I don’t have to!  She was inspired by this pin:

Source: designmom.com via Erin on Pinterest



Adrienne created the hot cup cuff with the most amazing fabric! I’m not exactly sure which pin she was inspired by but it might have been this one:



The last gift was from Angela and you might not be able to tell what it is from the photo above.  Just below the mug you will see a pink-ish rectangular item.  Know what that is?  It does this:


Clever, no?  She used this pin for inspiration:




After our little gift exchange, Amy presented her sinfully delicious dessert, which somehow I didn’t get a picture of.  Must have been the food coma.  But I’m pretty sure she pinned it here:

Source: annies-eats.com via Amy on Pinterest


They were sweet, salty, buttery… all the things a dessert should be.

It was a fun night of sharing, gabbing, eating and just being sisters.  We plan to have more Pinterest Parties in the future, this was just the trial run.  But it was so much fun and I look forward to the next one!


Did you think I forgot about this little project I warned you about?

I didn't forget.  But in classic Carey fashion, I did get sidetracked with other things.  But today I sat down and finished!  Curious yet?  The suspense getting to you?  I won't make you wait any longer....

If you follow me on Facebook (<ahem>, if you don't you should!  There is even more sharing going on over there.),  you would have read my mention of the rick-rack roses tutorial over at The Crafting Chicks.

photo courtesy of The Crafting Chicks

As soon as I saw this little project I had a plan for these little rick-rack roses.  So guess what I sat down and made????
Rings, can you believe it?!  OK, if you've been around here for more than...oh, I don't know... A MINUTE you already know about my ridiculous love of rings.  You probably guessed it was rings before I even mentioned it.  Well, that and the picture of the ring base was a dead give away.  And speaking of rings, I may or may not have bought another new one this week....  anyway....

The Crafting Chicks inspired me so I ran down to Michael's & the fabric store to pick up some ring bases and ric-rac (I really don't know which is the proper way to spell it) and got to work.  Their excellent tutorial can be found here.  I'll just show you a few pics of my work along the way.

The first step is the hardest, and it isn't all that bad.  You have to take 2 pieces and ric-rac and twist them together.  They will sorta interlock.  Then to keep them stable you run a simple stitch with the sewing machine straight down the middle.  For some reason the bobbin thread kept getting all bunched up underneath so it took me la little longer than it should have but even with that complication it took less than 1/2 hour.

Then you literally just roll it up into a ball.  To keep it secure, you take a good sized needle and run a stitch or two straight through the middle of the ball.

Next, just glue it down to the ring base.  I used some fabric glue I had in stock (you just never know what you're going to find in my magic craft stash).

Let it dry for a bit and voila!  So easy, but so fun and quirky!  I really love it.

This is the yellow one I made with the jumbo ric-rac.  You'll notice a difference in the "petals", they are slightly turned down.  A little more realistic as a flower, or at least a different interpretation of a flower.  They bend down easily, but they occasionally pop back.  You just have to bend them back into place.  I'm sure that after a while they will stay put.

Now, you know I can't make one and not make one for you!  Well, at least one of you.  So here's the deal:

The yellow one will be going home to live with one you, my reader-friends!  AND you get 2 chances to win:

  1. Leave a comment here on this post and tell me what you plan to wear it with, should you be the lucky winner.
  2. You will earn another shot at winning if you go to the Facebook Page, "Like" it, and then leave a comment there too!

It won't get you an extra entry, but feel free to pass on the news to your friends.  The more the merrier!

Entries will be received until 11:59pm Wednesday May 4th.  Up to 2 entries per person.  If you are the winner please contact me by Sunday May 8th with your address so I can get it shipped off to you.  If I don't hear from the winner by then, I will have to re-draw :(

Good luck, and if you don't win, make your own!!  It's easy and fun!!