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If you follow me on Instagram (click here to follow!), you were able to see my newest Stitch Fix box and catch a glimpse of each piece of clothing they sent me.  After all was said & done, I got a lot of questions about what Stitch Fix is, how it works, whether or not I like it, etc. so I promised I would post a few more details about all the fun and glamour of Stitch Fix.  Ready?  Here we go!


It's so simple!

  1. Visit Stitch Fix online.  After creating a Sign In account you may have to wait a day or two before your account is ready to go but they will send you a confirmation email when it's time to take the next step towards receiving your first Stitch Fix.
  2. You will be guided through a series of questions that help to narrow down your own personal clothing style, your sizes, your expectations and your price point.  This is called your "Style Profile".  You can make changes to your Style Profile at any time. It's a pretty thorough survey but it's fun to fill out.
  3. Next you will be prompted to schedule your first "fix"!  A "fix" is when a Stitch Fix stylist looks over your Style Profile and chooses items for you to try on based your feedback in the Style Profile.  If you have a special event coming up or are looking for something specific you will have an opportunity to tell your stylist and they will do their best to include it in your "fix".  A "fix" includes 5 items that could be tops, bottoms, shoes, jewelry or other accessories.
  4. After entering your payment information and you set a date to receive your "fix". You will pay $20 to have the "fix" sent to you.  This $20 can be used as credit towards the purchase of any of the items in your "fix".  Once your "fix" arrives, you have three days to try on all the items, decide what you want to keep and send back anything you do not want to keep in the enclosed, postage paid bag.  If you choose to send back all 5 items your $20 will be kept to pay for the cost of shipping and the stylist's time.
  5. Finally, you go back to Stitch Fix online and tell them what you liked, what you didn't like and why, what you're keeping, what you're sending back.  They will total your purchases (if any), check you out and send you a receipt via email.

Photo Jul 02, 10 26 25 PM


OK, I've done 2 "fixes" so far and I have to tell you: I love, love Stitch Fix!  Here are a few reasons why:

  1.  You are not obligated to order "fixes" on a schedule (monthly, quarterly, etc.)  You can order as few or as many "fixes" as you want.  It's up to you!  This is important to me because only I know when I'm ready to buy new clothing.
  2. I don't enjoy shopping.  Shopping, to me, is a necessary evil.  And since I live in a small town with very clothing stores, I have to do most of my clothes shopping out of town.  When you add up the fuel, the driving time, the aimless wandering around the mall, returning to do returns... it eats up a large amount of my time, money and patience.  With Stitch Fix, I have a personal stylist doing all the footwork for me.
  3. I can't accurately describe the fun of receiving that Stitch Fix box, opening it up and discovering what they have sent you to try on.  It's kinda like Christmas.  It actually makes shopping enjoyable.
  4.  Price point.  You have 3 options for price point: low, mid, high.  Most of my tops are selected on the "mid" price point.  For example, in my last box I received 5 tops and each top was priced between $48-$58.  Again, you can update your Style Profile at any time so if you wanted some lower priced items in your next "fix" just change your settings.
  5. The clothing and accessories that the stylists choose are not from your run-of-the-mill store brands.  These are lesser known, up & coming labels that are looking to get their brands out to the public.
  6. The stylists are paying attention to your feedback!    In my first "fix" I received an open-weave cardigan that was adorable but didn't fit me quite right.  I told them in my feedback that I liked the idea of the open weave and in my 2nd "fix" I received another open weave top to try on (the one you see above) and I really loved it.  They can also use your Pinterest boards to see what types of clothing catch your eye.
  7. If by some chance I fall in love with every single piece they send me, I receive a 25% discount for buying all 5.  Secretly I'm hoping this never happens!  But if it does, I get 25% plus my $20 credit off the cost of all 5 items.  That's a pretty good deal!
  8. You can earn $25 for every person you refer to Stitch Fix using the special direct link provided.  That's how I got my last "fix": my sister-in-law signed up for her first "fix", I got a $25 credit for referring her, which I was able to apply to the black/white striped blouse below.  Free clothes!

Photo Jul 02, 10 20 54 PM

So that's the gist of Stitch Fix, I hope you found it helpful!  If you're looking to update your wardrobe or need a little help shopping give Stitch Fix a try!!

And don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss any more of my fashion shows!  That's a joke, totally a joke.  Usually I'm taking pictures of my lunch.


After I posted last week on my newest app find, CardStar, Wonder Twin alerted me to an app she uses for shopping called GeoQpons.  This app contracts with businesses small and large to advertise the deals, sales and events at these stores.  Just scroll through their lists to find a deal near you.  Here are some features of GeoQpons:

•LARGEST database of mobile coupons and deals for local and big brand retail stores
•Anytime access to Favorite coupons
•SOCIAL – share coupons and deals with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter
•Search bar to search for coupons
•New Coupons button for quick access to the latest offers
•Coupon Category filter such as Auto, Dining, and Beauty
•SET LOCATION to search coupons for any location in the US.

After downloading I checked to see if anybody in my neighborhood was running any specials through GeoQpons and sure enough, our local take-n-bake-pizza-place was offering several specials.


You can scroll through a list of stores and business to find your favorites and mark them for faster shopping.


Another really great feature is the bar code scanner.  I scanned a bottle of supplements from my medicine cabinet and GeoQpons found them at almost half off!


One feature you are going to want to turn off is the initial “email signups” screen that pops up every time you open the app, and throughout your session.  It will drive you bonkers.  Just go to settings to turn it off. 

It’s a great little app and I will definitely be using it this week as I finish up my Christmas shopping and thanks to Wonder Twin (aka: Serena) for sharing it!!


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This is my 4th attempt in less than 24 hours to get this article out to you.  Every time I hit “save” it disappears.  I don’t know whether to scream or to cry but darn it all, I will get it done!

I have been trying to tell you about a great, free app I heard about over at DigiTwirl.  Yes, I’m mentioning DigiTwirl because it is just so helpful.  Don’t look at me like that, did I steer you wrong when I raved and raved (and continue to rave) about Pinterest?  Just trust me.

Back to the story.

We are all doing a lot of shopping these days, right?  And we are all looking for a good deal, a sale or discount.  One of the ways stores do that is to provide special deals or rewards for signing up for a loyalty card.  I have several and I do use them BUT… one of the biggest reasons why a balk at signing up for any new cards is this:  real estate.  That’s right, I said real estate.  As in, my wallet doesn’t have enough real estate to hold one more rewards card.

And that’s where CardStar comes in.

With this free app you electronically store your loyalty cards on your mobile device, eliminating the need to lug them around in your purse.  Here’s how it works:


You choose your stores from an extensive list, or add one if you don’t see it on the list.


Then you manually enter your card number or scan the bar code with your phone’s camera.  Voila!  Your card is now saved to your phone.  When it’s time to checkout, just show the cashier your “card” on your phone and they scan just the same as they would your physical card.  Same great savings and rewards but way faster and best of all (at least to me), you don’t have to pack around a 3 inch stack of cards.


And here are a couple other great features of CardStar:

  • When you arrive at one of your stores you can check CardStar to see what the special deals are that day.
  • And…. if you save that store to your favorites list, it will automatically pop up on your phone when you arrive.

CardStar is a great way to save time and money!  See, wasn’t that worth waiting for?

Happy shopping!




OK, you may already know about this but just in case you don’t I wanted to let you know about a nifty little site that will help you save some money this Christmas  season.  It’s called  ZingSale and it is sale-tracker site.  (I found out about from DigiTwirl, you can watch the whole video here)

You can use it 2 ways:

  1. You go on the site, run a search for the specific product you are looking for and it will generate a list of the most current sales on that item.  Or….
  2. You tell it what you want to buy and it will notify you when the item goes on sale.

Either way you will save some $$ and who doesn’t like that?  Off to finish up my Christmas shopping!!