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Don't you just love washi tape!? It's pretty, it's inexpensive, it adds instant character and charm to anything you stick it on. But once you have collected a few rolls (see my little collection above), they can become a storage problem. Shoving them in a box under a cabinet is not the answer because I like to keep them handy for all my little scrapping & journalism projects.  And besides, they're pretty!


Then I saw this pin on Pinterest  from the website http://safieh.wordpress.com and I knew the problem was solved.





Did you know Walmart carries these straw dispensers? And better yet, they only cost about $8!



Just lift up the lid and the whole "holder portion" will come out.  Twist to unscrew the bottom from the rod.



Turn the holder over and slide the tape spools over the rod.  Screw the bottom back onto the rod.



Flip the holder over and slip it back into the dispenser!  Look at the pretty washi tape! And using them is as simple as pulling up the lid and tearing off a bit.

I just love easy solutions!!