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For those who are new around here, occasionally I share what I call my Everyday Art.  Everyday Art is anything that inspires me  enough that I will stop and take a picture of it with my phone or camera.  It can be something I find beauty in or something funny or just something that makes me stop and think.  Just 3 pictures today, from the top left going clockwise:

  • That is a rainbow trout my brother caught on the river last week.  We grew up on the river and fishing is a favorite family pastime.  It is a way of life for us.  It is our culture and our heritage.  I have photos of my grandparents' lawn with rows and rows of fish caught on the same river and my Grandma still gets out to the ponds from time to time to wrangle a large mouth bass.  I see a beauty in that fish that most people would miss.  And I know how hard it is to hook one of those!
  • I was having a particularly stressful week last month and while walking through Michael's I looked up and saw this sign.  I started laughing right there on the clearance aisle.  Relax, Carey.  Just relax.
  • I few months ago I was working on a project for a class I took from Brave Girl's Club.  This quote spoke so much to me so I  created an art piece with it and I wrote below:  "I'm still here, there must be a reason."  There were more than a few times over the last several years that I wasn't sure my physical body would make it another year.  But I'm still here, and I spend everyday trying to honor that gift.

Until next time my friends.  And I hope you will stop and admire the Everyday Art in your own life.