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It's that time again! A chance to see beauty through my lens.  Starting from the top going left to right:

I'm not allowed to buy any more dishes. I have a ba-jillion sets of dishes  that I am having trouble keeping stored at the moment.  But if I were to buy any new dishes, I would go for these Asian-esque bowls I spotted at Sur La Table.  Truthfully, I go into Sur La Table regularly and always wander over to stare at these pretties.   I don't usually go for Asian style but the colors of these bowls remind me Tahoe, my first love.  Maybe I can justify buying just a couple as food props...

Yes, those are a bunch of little fish, hundreds of them.  They were dried and flat as pancakes.  A sales rep bought them at a Mexican market and brought them into my office.  Being the stinker that I am,  I dared him to eat one, which meant I had to eat one too.  What did it taste like?  If you have ever cleaned a fish you are familiar with that fishy smell that no amount of soap can wash away.  That's exactly what those little treats tasted like.  Like a freshly cleaned large mouth bass.

I went on a walk down to the river and grabbed up a handful of wildflowers along the way.  Orange California Poppies, purple Lupine and some kind of wild yellow mustard, I think.  Against the setting sun they were just lovely.

And lastly, my walking buddy, Buck.  What you have to keep in mind is that the snow is still melting up river so that water he is standing in is fah-reee-zing!  But Buck, being a lab, is obsessed with the water and can't understand why I won't get in with him.  Maybe in July, buddy.  Maybe in July.