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Can you believe November is already here?! Oh.My.Goodness.

November 1st hit and immediately I began to think about Thanksgiving, I can’t help it.  Partly it’s because I want to be prepared.  But the other “partly” is because I’m dreaming about the new dishes and the old favorites that will be present at our Thanksgiving table.  It’s very exciting!  However…

…many, many years ago I made the mistake of making homemade rolls for Christmas.  It was a mistake because from that time since I have been charged with providing the rolls for every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Sometimes I make traditional rolls from the Betty Crocker cookbook.  Sometimes I make my mom’s classic Angel Biscuits.  But this year I’m thinking about changing things up and making  “Lambert’s Throwed Rolls.”

I had seen these rolls popping up all over Pinterest but I didn’t think much about it until my friend Amy (and fellow food nut) mentioned them in an Instagram post.  And now I can stop thinking about them!

Amy says “A family favorite when we visit Springfield, MO.  I found the recipe for their rolls and holy cow…they are goooood.  I even threw them at my kids to get the full effect.”

I feel like I’m missing  part of the story.   Are you supposed to chuck them at people?  Because I don’t think my dad would appreciate me hurling bread at him, although Jake might find it funny.  Why are they called “Throwed Rolls?”  And who is Lambert? Is that a restaurant?  Or is Lambert the baker who first made them?  I just don’t know, maybe someone can enlighten me.

At any rate, Amy says they are tasty and that’s good enough for me so I think I’m going to give them a shot this year.  Via Pinterest I found a recipe for them over at Tammy’s Recipes.  If you aren’t afraid of yeast (I’m not) these should be pretty straight forward.  They look fluffy and buttery and I think they will go beautifully with turkey.  And stuffing.  And gravy.  And… well, you get the picture.

Let me know what you’re planning for  Thanksgiving!  Happy weekend, friends!!


Copy cat recipe of Lambert’s Throwed Rolls:  http://tammysrecipes.com/just_like_lamberts_throwed_rolls