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Just like trends in clothing, there are trends within the DIY crowd. One particular trend I am intrigued by right now is the repurposing of wooden crates. Wooden crates are not expensive, easy to find and apparently very versatile. They already have that worn-in-charm and the color of the wood is aged and rustic. Besides the adorable little bench above, check out some of the DIY projects I’ve found:

What a fun way to plant a garden?!

If you are looking for something economical for the patio, how about a table made out of palettes?

How about a funky headboard?

A wooden accent wall made out of palettes would be fun for a bonus room; or on an outside wall as a photography backdrop.

I really like the rustic look of this storage/bench area! I love the color of the wood.

Pretty clever, huh? Wooden palettes, who would have thought….